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and then in thirty seconds time

I want to sleep with common people like you

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better with razzmatazz
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♚ 昨夜見た空は静かに燃えて
I saw the evening sky quietly burn

Twenty one years old. Female. British. Undeniably boring. マイペース. Laid back and unbothered. 甲南大学. Leeds University. BA Japanese. 4年生. Working class. History. "Culture". Politics. Unemotional. Dry. Sarcastic.

"A consistent soul believes in destiny, a capricious one in chance".

嵐. ジャニーズ事務所. Doctor Who. QI. Argumental. MTW. NCIS. 魔王. HIGNFY. 大野智. 関西. 大阪. Japonism 47. 戦国時代 → 戦国BASARA、戦国ストレイズ、センゴクプー. Aphorism. Pandora Hearts.

♛ 太陽と星が導くStory
as the sun and stars conducted a story

translation/scans journal: starlightpanic.

graphics journal: sexualcarnival.

layout code: visualwit.
always the women, aphorism, argumental, ars, bananas are good, being a lazy shit, being けち, brainy specs, doctor who, emo lawyers, engrish, everything nineties, fish custard, fuck yeah nostalgia, hermits united, hignfy, indulging in geekdom, japonism 47, lazy drunken british student, mock the week, ncis, not driving, pandora hearts, perpetuating the british stereotype, qi, red envelopes, researching useless things, respect the thing, reveeeeenge, trashy music, very danger, wilty, ジャニーズ事務所, センゴクプー, 大野智, 大阪, , 復讐, 戦国basara, 戦国ストレイズ, 戦国時代, 裸になって何が悪い?!, 関西, 魔王

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